Extend your phone’s battery life with a bigger battery

Phone Battery

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Are you sick of getting to the end of your long day of working/pretending to work/sitting in the laundry and imagining you’re an astronaut*, just to pull out your phone and find that the battery is dead? After such a tiresome day, you can’t even watch adult videos check your txt messages or calls? Well why not buy an extended battery for your phone? They are actually surprisingly reliable and I have found the ones I’ve used to offer up to 3 times as much battery life when compared to the standard phone batteries.

The main drawback is that they make your phone look like it has a big ol’ ghetto booty (although I like to pretend my phone just has a cool bodykit), but if you have problems with your phone’s current battery life, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Plus, they make extended batteries for just about every mainstream smartphone on the market.
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*Don’t act like you haven’t done this before.

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